We are a Cornish based charity focused on improving the lives of sick or unwanted pets. At the Cornwall Animal Hospital we take care of pets of all shapes and sizes. We make sure that animals can get the veterinary treatment they need when their owners cannot afford to pay.

We understand that caring for an unwell pet can be very expensive. The Cornwall Animal Hospital helps pets whose owners cannot afford private fees. All of our clients are on means-tested benefits or state retirement pension, and we also help members of the community on a low income at our discretion.We have a Veterinary Clinic based in Redruth. Surviving on donations alone we have a dedicated team of fundraisers that arrange numerous events throughout the year, and a retail operations manager that oversees four shops throughout Cornwall.


  • Mrs J W Jarram – Chair Person
  • Mr W T Chalker  – Treasurer
  • Mr R D Richards
  • Mr R J Hunt

Fundraising Committee and Members

At a meeting of members of Cornwall animal hospital fundraising branch on February 28th 2013 it was agreed that the following members should be elected onto the committee.

  • Chair person - Trevor Chalker
  • Treasurer  - Heather Woods
  • Vice treasurer  - Ray Richards
  • Secretary - Sarah Goodwin
  • Vice secretary – Joanne Holland


Fundraising branch members

All of the above plus:
Darren Woods, Anne & Rex Wade, Jennie Jarram, Kat Carey, Sharon Docking, Sam Fitch, Sarah Wooten & Kate Hickmott.


Staff at the Cornwall Animal hospital

  • Paul Thomas – (Practice Manager/Principal Vet)
  • Katherine Hicmott – (Senior Vet)
  • Faye Brydie - (Assistant Vet)
  • Vicky Webber – (RVN)
  • Sarah Wootton – (RVN)
  • Kelly Solway – (RVN)
  • Nicola Witten – (Student Nurse)
  • Sam Fitch – (Receptionist)
  • Tabitha Edwards – (Receptionist/Kennel Hand)

Pool Stores

  • Heather Woods – (Retail Manager)
  • Joanna Holland - (Deputy Retail manager)



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